Updated July 30, 2014 by Nora

Summer’s here!

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I’ve been busy doing photography — I was there for the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2014, Halifax Pride, random locations in NS and I’ll be snapping more when the Buskers arrive! I’ve also been creating more jewellery. Coming up is a bead embroidery piece featuring a real sand dollar, moonstone, opal, tiger’s eye, agate and glass beads! I can’t wait to take some photos to share with all of you. I’ve not been painting as much lately, but this time of year is really when I break out the camera. It’s lush, it’s green, it’s beautiful and it’s demanding to be shared! Keep a close eye on my website and facebook page for updates on what I am doing next and items I share! http://www.facebook.com/BorealisArt

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