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Spring Update

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Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! I just wanted to keep you up to date on my current arts endeavours: Firstly, I have a series of illustrations I was commissioned to do. I’ll have those completed and available to share with you next month. I also have that TARDIS I’ve been promising forever and a day… *embarrassed cough* There are some florals I’m about to lay some colour down on, as well a series of autumn leaves.

I will also be, of course, photographing the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo again this year. The Tattoo is held annually the first week of July, but if you head over to the photography page, you’ll see some of the previous years Tattoo photos. It’s an amazing event held annually in Halifax that I am proud to be invited back every year to photograph.

There’s always jewellery being created, but a new group of bracelets is a little held back because I need to pick up some pieces. (Boo…) I’ll get that done and then share my new bracelet line. :D


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