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KindTree – Autism Rocks’ “Autism Artism 2013” Exhibition

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I’m very excited as my painting “October” has been accepted by the jury, and chosen to be framed and displayed at the exhibition during April 2013 at the Territorial Vineyards in Eugene, Oregon! I have been participating with KindTree for several years now and it always gives me joy when my work is shown by them. Not only do I feel pride in my work, but I am also helping to raise money for Autism sponsored events.

Please check out the site: http://www.kindtree.org

See more information here regarding “Autism Artism 2013”: http://www.kindtree.org/calendar/events/autism-artism-2013


5″ x 7″, Watercolour, Ink, Colour pencil accents.
About thirty-six hours total went into this piece — thirty-two of them in the inking!

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