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I’m Back after a Hard Drive Crash!

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Oh my goodness, that took forever! Right after I moved the first week of August, my hard drive died! I just got a new drive put in the computer and I’ll be uploading all the art and jewellery I’ve been creating whilst I was stuck sitting in the real world for three months. ;) Thank you so much to everyone who came by my website wondering where in the heck I disappeared to! I’m so glad to be back online… you just wouldn’t believe it. LOL

I’m going to be a bit touch and go for a few days because everything still has to be reinstalled on the computer — and then after that I have a LOT to catch up on — my website is behind, my zazzle store needs updating, I have a lot of new art to post all over the place… Busy, busy, busy — but happily so!

…and just a quick bit o’ personal news, my eldest son is up here in Canada, so we have a very happy houseful!

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