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Please feel free to contact me at borealisart@yahoo.ca if you have any questions, or need further information.

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  1. Ann Granada May 2, 2015 @ 10:14 am

    Hi Nora,

    I’m Ann from FlyRice.com. I just visited your website, and I fell in-love with your artworks. Your Fine Art page is packed with gorgeous artworks. I’d definitely love to get my hand on Maple. That is a beautiful piece. I’d love to see everything on canvas. You’re truly gifted.

    Anyway, we’ve recently launched a new Fan Art website which could be relevant to some of your readers. Our goal is to connect fan artists and those looking for custom commissions together. Our site acts as a gallery, community and escrow system to ease the communication between the two parties.

    Here’s a recent press release about our website:


    If you wish to share this with your readers we’d greatly appreciate it! If not we’re always looking for feedback and always happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Also if there’s any way we can help you as well please feel free to reach out.

    p.s. you can also reach me directly at ann@flyrice.com, gmail just makes it easier for me personally =)

    Ann Granada

  2. Casey Ramirez July 28, 2014 @ 3:38 pm


    I hope this email finds you well and having a great day. We at Artistic Dreams Imaging (ADI) wanted to express to you that we find your artwork and your talents exceptional.

    My name is Casey Ramirez, artist liaison with Artistic Dreams Imaging, and I wanted to contact you with regard to a business opportunity. ADI sells PSP tubes to ‘taggers’, artist prints and other derivative works online. We are currently seeking talented artists such as you to represent your art and derivative works on our site.

    People use either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to create what is known as signature tags which replaces their actual typed signature at the end of emails, or the tags are created and those tags are shared within their tagging groups. The tagging communities consist of thousands of groups and forums who share information about the artists, their work, their extraordinary talents.

    Tubing is the process of extracting the primary subject from the background of an image where the tagger then uses the primary subject (which will become the “tube”) to make signature tags. The ‘tube’ is then showcased in creative and beautiful designs by the ‘tagger’. The process of tagging increases interest in your work which in turn increases your print sales. Tagging is a wonderful and amazing advertising tool that shows not only the talents of the artist but the creativity of the taggers.

    ADI offers Terms of Use, however your own terms of use will always supersede any terms we have listed and we will be more than happy to include your terms of use in your area of our site. We have done our best to incorporate as many ‘general’ terms of use as possible but our disclaimer always states that the Artist’s Terms of Use supersedes those of ADI. Under no circumstances do we allow your work to be used commercially, nor do we allow taggers to distort, deform, or mar the image. Tags must be done tastefully consisting of nothing illegal. Sometimes taggers add slight animations (i.e.: sparkles, glitter, breathing: if allowed by individual artist) and things of this nature. This will remain up to you what taggers can and cannot do with your images as you will state in your terms of use.

    Each Tag will have a copyright symbol, and a URL to your website of choice. This will help you become more acknowledged and hopefully increase your customer base as well. Each customer who purchases a tube will receive a license number from ADI which will also be required to be placed upon the tag. Licenses are in the following format:


    One of the benefits of Artistic Dreams Imaging is that we monitor to make sure no one is using your work illegally (without purchase and license), as most people still just pull images from the web using them without knowledge or concern that they may be violating your copyright. We as a company, work to educate and spread copyright awareness, while protecting your images from being illegally used. Should we see or receive information regarding improper usage of your art we will promptly issue an email to the offender and make them aware that they are in violation of your terms of use as well copyright infringement and are not permitted to use your work without purchasing it. Should we receive a second complaint we will make them aware that we will seek legal action and /or file a complaint with their Internet provider. Should we have groups that refuse to cooperate with us we will also file a complaint with the hosting provider of the group/site.

    ADI currently represents over fifty (50) artists and we would love to have you join our artistic family. Working with ADI helps to prevent people from going to your site and “stealing” your art and tubing it themselves without facing consequences. We are here as a team to support our artists and allow them a way to increase their income and increase their customer base.

    Each artist will have a specific contract, which you and the owner of Artistic Dreams Imaging will work on together this way everyone is happy and satisfied with the terms.

    Should you like more information, tag examples, or you want to join our team of artists please feel free to contact me via email at: artistic_dreams@verizon.net I also wanted to state that by no means will this add to your current workload other than emailing us images throughout the month. ADI has an amazing team that will take care of everything once we receive your art submissions. We as a team look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully working with you.

    We look forward to speaking with you further regarding this business opportunity.

    Warm Regards,

    Casey Ramirez
    Artist Liaison
    Artistic Dreams Imaging

    Note: If you are currently under contract to another tube sales company, please disregard our email.

  3. New Artist Expo March 15, 2014 @ 6:22 pm

    Hello Nora,

    Thank you for being listed in New Artist Expo’s Artist Directory! We would like to invite you to have a Full Page Profile! Having a Full Page Profile allows viewers and potential new customers from around the world to learn about you, your aesthetic and artistic vision. Full Page Profiles will always get priority viewing and unique attention!

    New Artist Expo is made possible through donations by those dynamic artists who want to support our community while reaching more eyeballs. Once you have made a donation in the dollar amount of your choice, your Full Page Profile will be published on our website and promoted on our social media streams. Please view the following link to submit and donate:


    Tell your friends, family and fellow artists about New Artist Expo! Like us on Facebook, join our Linked In group and follow us on Instagram and Twitter! May New Artist Expo help to bring a new audience to you and your work!


    New Artist Expo
    Instagram: NewArtistExpo

  4. Tamara Dean March 1, 2014 @ 2:24 pm

    Hello! My name is Tamara, and I own mistydreamz.com, a cross stitch pattern design and sales company. I would be very interested in using your art for my patterns. I am also in the process of diversifying into jewelry. I’d like to offer you a place to be able to sell your jewelry. At this point in time, it would be for no fee other than for your to cover my PayPal fee for accepting your charges for your items. Please let me know if either (or both) of these propositions would be of an interest to you. Thanks!

  5. Umer Anwer October 24, 2013 @ 10:53 pm

    Interesting to see a person who lived in Saudi to be of so many tastes, a fighter.
    Keep it up.

  6. Aleithia Foster July 2, 2013 @ 8:14 am

    Hello Nora,

    I was wondering if “The Rose” print is still available? If it is available, what sizes do you have? What is the cost and shipping? I live in Lisle, IL 60532

  7. Chantell Latilla-Campbell May 3, 2011 @ 6:31 am

    Dearest Nora, I would like your permission to copy your artwork in mosaic form? I cannot use the pictues with too much details but some of your paintings are perfect. I do not re-seel but I keep for my own collection. With your permission of course. Please let me have your email address, I will let you know which picture I woudl like to try. Your work is an inspiration and just to beautiful for words. Kindest Regards Chantell

  8. LK Childers July 24, 2010 @ 11:33 am


    I represent Artistic Designs Imaging a new site representing artists, exhibiting original artworks as well as derivative works (tubes, scrapkits, etc. which are used in tag/siggie designs in Photoshop and Paintshop Pro).

    We are very interested in having you exhibit your work and those derivative works for sale on our site.

    Each artist sets the pricing for their original work and Artistic Designs sets the pricing for any derivative works.

    Should you like further info, please contact me at: artistic_dreams@verizon.net Our site location is: http://www.artisticdreams.us

    Wishing you the best,

    LK Childers

  9. Rachel Wood, Away with the fairies April 23, 2010 @ 11:46 am

    Hiya Nora,

    I’ve visited your site and really like it,Lovely artwork and have added your banner to m.I am a fairy-maker from the West of Ireland I make all of the fairies myself and use recycled materials whenever possible, I was wondering if you would like to swap links with me? You can see my site at “.http://www.awaywiththefairies.ie
    You can find our banner on the links page,or just a text link is ok too
    Please let me know if you need anything

    Fairy blessings,
    Away with the fairies

  10. Judy Jenkins April 2, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

    My husband and I went to the Tampa Bay Area Renaissance Fest in Feb. 2010. We worked with an artist who took some pictures while we were dressed in our Ren attire. We were supposed to pick them up at the end of the day but we ended up leaving the fair and forgot our pictures. We paid for these pictures and would really like to have them shipped to us. I am not sure if you are the artist that worked with us or not but Aurro’s Borealis Artwork is listed on the Festival Marketplace page and so I thought I’d contact you. If you are the artist or knows who the artist was that was at the Bay Area Renaissance Fest would you please contact me.
    Thank you,
    Judy Jenkins

  11. Mikeal Woods March 9, 2010 @ 2:40 pm

    Good Afternoon,
    I saw your work online and was wondering if you would be interested in promoting your work on my new website: http://www.creativetao.com/. 
    Part social network, part gallery, part schoolroom: CreativeTao allows its members to fulfill dreams and express their creativity, even as they may doubt or fear their own potential, in a nurturing, positive environment of peers and fellow explorers.
    Hope to see you on the site,
    Mikeal Woods

  12. D.J. Svoboda January 7, 2009 @ 10:00 pm

    D.J.’s Imagifriends
    My name is Daniel John Svoboda. I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed with Autism
    Spectrum Disorder with Psychomotor Retardation at the age of three. I went through some very difficult times growing up with Autism. I was often picked on and made fun of. It was from these very difficult situations that The Imagifriends were born. The Imagifriends live in a place called Imagiville. In this imaginary place no one is ever picked on or mistreated in any way. Everyone is loved and accepted for who and what they are. Everyone in Imagivile helps and cares for one another.
    Each Imagifriend that I draw is different. They come in many sizes, colors, and designs. None of them are ever mean or cruel. They each have their own special job and purpose in Imagiville. Every Imagifriend knows that as long as they have a kind heart it doesn’t matter what they look like. Some of them are physically or mentally handicapped but that’s O.K. I have just had my first book published too. It’s about acceptance and respect for those with Autism.
    I want to use The Imagifriends to help others with Autism know that they are special just the way they are. I have created The Imagifriends coloring book and I do Imaginames. That is where I create an Imagifriend out of the letters of your name and connect them. I have also written my first book called My Imagiville. I donate a portion of what I earn to The Autism Help Network and to my wonderful church, Hope Community Church. Being Autistic has presented me with many challenges in my life. From these challenges I have learned to never give up. I want to thank the Lord for giving me the talent to draw and I want to use this talent to help others. Remember, “Everyone is Special Just the Way They Are!!!”
    I have a new website, http://www.MyImagiville.com. On the website you can read more about my mission for acceptance for those with Autism. You can also see more Imagifriends and order special Imaginames too. The book and coloring book and Imagistuff can be purchased as well. I hope everyone has a great blessed day everyday!!!
    D.J. Svoboda

  13. Michael September 17, 2008 @ 1:42 am

    As you may or may not know, my company account was banned along with my personal account on DeviantArt, due to a journal entry where I expressed my honest emotions toward forum trolls and art thieves, and other problem people on sites like DA that do nothing but try to cause problems for others. This was a result of problems that were ignored by the help desk, which then chose to ban my accounts in the tradition of all lawyer types. This is sad, as I have met many wonderful artists on DA, and enjoyed seeing the results of your creative drive. I enjoyed viewing your art on DA, but sadly, I will no longer be able to fav or comment on them. Keep up the wonderful work, and may you enjoy much success in your creative endeavors.
    Take care,